Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Navigate Your iPhone's Home Screens without Swiping

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How to Navigate Your iPhone's Home Screens without Swiping

Here's a little trick that allows you to navigate between your iPhone or iPad's Home screens without need to swipe left and right. You can even access Spotlight with this little trick. If you take a look at your Home screen, at the bottom above the dock is a magnifying glass and dots representing your Home screens. Here's where the magic happens.

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Once you've located the magnifying glass and dots at the bottom of your screen:

  • Tap on either side of the dots to move pages. You don't need to tap directly on them; just next to them will work fine.

  • If you tap left of the dots from your first Home screen, it will take you to Spotlight search. Otherwise it will take you to the previous Home screen.

  • If you tap right of the dots, it will slide to the next Home screen available.  





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